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watch Silmido 2003 movie online Stay up to date with movie On 31 January 1968, 31 North Korean commandos infiltrated South Korea in a failed mission to assassinate President Park Chung-hee. In revenge, the South Korean military assembled a team of 31 criminals on the island of Silmido to kill Kim Il-sung for a suicide mission to redeem their honor, but was cancelled, leaving them frustrated. It is loosely based on a military uprising in the 1970s.

Release:Dec 24, 2003
Runtime:2h 15m
Genre:Action, Drama, History, War
Stars:Sol Kyung-gu, Ahn Sung-ki, Heo Joon-ho, Jung Jae-young, Im Won-hee, Kang Shin-il, Kang Seong-jin, Kim Kang-woo, Jo Min-jun, Lee Seung-cheol, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Soo-young, Ryoo Je-seung

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