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watch Braveheart 1995 movie online Stay up to date with movie Enraged at the slaughter of Murron, his new bride and childhood love, Scottish warrior William Wallace slays a platoon of the local English lord's soldiers. This leads the village to revolt and, eventually, the entire country to rise up against English rule.

Release:May 24, 1995
Runtime:2h 58m
Genre:Action, Drama, History, War
Stars:Mel Gibson, Catherine McCormack, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Angus Macfadyen, Brendan Gleeson, James Robinson, James Cosmo, Sean McGinley, Gerda Stevenson, Mhairi Calvey, Jeanne Marine, Sean Lawlor, Sandy Nelson, Alan Tall, Andrew Weir, Brian Cox, Peter Hanly, Stephen Billington, Tommy Flanagan

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